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Life in Balance

Welcome to our website.  I am Richard Martin, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry in Psychology), director of A Center for Transforming Relationships.

I love helping people.  Many years of life-experience––of study, of training, of work with a wide variety of clients and situations, including my own marriage and parenting––have given rise to my working motto: “The unsolvable is solvable.”  

Seeking help with the stresses of life is a sign of courage and intelligence, not of weakness. We are here to help each other.. 

I find great joy in assisting…

You as an individual
–– to ease fears, to relieve sadness
   (including loss of loved ones),
to manage anger, to dispel
   guilt––in general to erase bad memories and move forward

   with a light heart to fulfill your purpose for being here.

You as a couple––to resolve conflicts peacefully, to
   rediscover play, and to restore 
romance in your lives
   to a higher level than ever.

You as a family––to reduce conflicts, to solve problems,
   to achieve family cooperation
 and plan for your family to
   have fun.

As a mediator, I assist the people of your organization, business, religion, culture, or 
   nation:to rise above competition, to appreciate one another as sacred/equal individuals, to 
   compromise creatively, to reach mutually-satisfying agreements, to plan collaboratively, and
to work as teams, helping one another to make a better world.

I measure the strength of my commitment to helping people in part by my willingness
   to spend a month every summer for the last 10 years teaching and practicing peacebuilding 
   in Israel/Palestine––that hotspot of world hostilities.  I have confidence in the value
   of doing this because of my feeling of success at resolving relationships, promoting
   harmonuy, and encouraging inner peace here.  

I am pleased to invite you into this creative world. Call me, and let's see how I can help you.

"Dr. Rick"

There is no charge for the first "get acquainted" appointment
Full Sliding Scale ($75 - $1, in accord with ability to pay) for treatment

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