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A Center for Transfroming Relationships
 Here at A Center for Transforming Relstionships, in keeping with our parent-organization, A Center for Holistic Health, we pay attention to your whole person––body, heart, mind, and soul. 

Are you in physical pain? addicted to chemicals? under severe stress or exhausted?  We care, and give attention to your physical symptoms with the help of our team of practitioners.

Are you experiencing negative emotions such as fear, hurt, sadness, grief, anger, or guilt?  We care, and we know how to relieve these through talk-therapy, and make room for positive feelings of hope, joy, gratitude, and love.

Are you at your wit's end mentally, searching for solutions to difficulties at home or at work, relationship problems, religious or philosophical dilemmas?  We care, and will teach you the Beautiful Art of Compromise (peaceful conflict-resolution*), and attitudes that lead to serenity––including meditation, if you wish.  Sometimes, in a marriage, an amicable divorce is the best solution––we do that, also.

• Are you confused about who you really are and why you are here?  We care, and will help you to plumb your shadow-side and access your "higher powers" to find your calling––your vocation––in this era of major transition.

• Is your business or organization in a tumult?  We care, and will help you to turn your group into a team, mediating every conflict from interpersonal to international.  

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