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At The Center for Transforming Relationships, we pay attention to your whole person -- body, heart, mind and soul. We focus on:

   Individual Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Anger
---erasing bad memories, connecting individuals
    with their purpose for being in this life

   Couple-Counseling---resolving  differences, recapturing

   Family Therapy---from chaos to harmony and cooperation 

   Peaceful Conflict Resolution---the beautiful art of

   Parenting Support---strengthening your constructive

   Grief Counseling---staying connected to loved ones
   Work and Career issues---finding your passion

   Stress Management --- including meditation 

   Addiction Therapy and Recovery-Support

   Gentle Divorce Mediation---only when necessary

   Consultation to organizations, schools, businesses,
     religions, cultures, and nations to promote harmony
     and cooperation

We care, and we can help you with these issues.

 Are you in physical pain, addicted to chemicals, under severe
   stress or exhausted?  We give attention to your physical
   symptoms with the help of our team of practitioners,
   The Greater Amherst Healing Network.

 Are you experiencing negative emotions such as fear,
   hurt, sadness, grief, anger, or guilt?  We know how to relieve
   these through talk-therapy, and make room for positive
   feelings of hope, joy, gratitude, and love.

 Are you at your wit's end mentally, searching for solutions
   to difficulties at home or at work, relationship problems,
   religious or philosophical dilemmas?  We will teach you
   the Beautiful Art of Compromise (peaceful conflict-
   resolution*), and attitudes that lead to serenity––including
   meditation, if you wish. Sometimes, in a marriage, an amicable
   divorce is the best solution––we do that, also.

• Are you confused about who you really are and why you
   are here? We will help you to plumb your shadow-side and
   access your "higher powers" to find your calling––your
   vocation––in this era of major transition.

• Is your business or organization in a tumult?  We will
   help you to turn your group into a team, mediating every
   conflict from interpersonal to international.  

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